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The impact of donations and support of our programs is felt most dramatically by those children and families who are most dramatically affected by the dual scourges of abject poverty and glaring inequality. Hunger, unemployment, the threats of an invisible and constant viral threat, the inaccessibility of quality education as a result of the lack of online and computer access ... these are the challenges we address in the most pragmatic possible way. We can only do it with YOUR assistance. 

Together, we can hold back the tide of desperation. 

The effects of your giving and our work will be felt by those children and people who need it most. Loss of income, food shortages, an unspeakable deadly threat, school closings have been devastating to informal communities where the necessary services are lacking. The good news is that with the support of people like YOU, Viva was able to rise to the challenge.

Together we can stem the tide of hardship. 

A Good Program + a Generous Donor = Lasting Impact

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